World Theatre Day

Celebrated annually on March 27, World Theatre Day is a cherished event by lovers of the performing arts worldwide, but also an opportunity to share the passion and love for what theatre and culture mean. Every year, TNRS joins theatrical institutions around the world, celebrating this date alongside the community it belongs to through a series of special events. 

This year, between March 25 and 29, the Sibiu National Theatre directed its attention towards a young audience (approximately 800 students from the age of 6 years up to 18 years old and children from placement centers), offering them the opportunity to participate in reading performances, workshops, musical moments, or to watch a recent theatrical production – the play "The Legend of Hamelin," a possible history of the Saxons, directed by Andrei and Andreea Grosu.

Through such initiatives, TNRS continues its mission to be constantly connected with the community's needs, aiming to facilitate access to culture.