A Secret About Joy

A show by: Sarah Brown

Choir Musical Arrangements: Polina Shepherd
Cast: Adrian Neacșu, Cristina Ghinieș, Alexandru Malaicu, Andrei Gîlcescu, Horia Fedorca, Ștefan Tunsoiu, Gabriel Muncus, Patricia Buraga, Monica Vîlcu, Antonia Dobocan, Ioana Antal, Eva Frățilă, Mihai Mocanu, Casian-Ioan Stancu
Choir: Roxana Petruța Ropotin, Marilena-Luana Oprișor, Lucia-Loredana Cocă, Ileana Ișan, Georgeta-Marian Ilie, Doriana-Georgeta Dorca, Cristina Ghinieș, Maria-Andreea Orzea, Delia-Irina Folescu, Irina Milea
Musicians: Păculea Bogdan-Paul Brădescu Ștefan, David Cristian Guța
Project manager: Ramona-Mihaela Hristea

Performance in English, with translation into Romanian
A unique and surprising theatrical event where twenty-seven performers portray characters from the past who come alive all around the audience - revealing stories full of the humor, hope, and heartaches of a once-thriving Jewish community. Set in 1927 Sibiu, “A Secret About Joy” is an uplifting site-specific play with music, performed in Sibiu's 123-year-old Grand Synagogue!
Sarah Brown is a playwright, an international solo-performer, and a creator of unique and groundbreaking site-specific shows that she has directed for theatre festivals in Israel, Turkey and Sibiu, Romania. Heart of a Carpenter premiered in FITS in 2023 at the Evangelical Church of Saint Mary and A Secret About Joy, about the Jews of 1927 Sibiu, premiered at the Grand Synagogue of Sibiu in FITS 2022. Sarah is also a songwriter, a three-time Fulbright Scholar recipient and a professor of performance at the University of Memphis, USA.
Estimated duration:1h 30min
Premiere Date:24-06-2022
Age limit: