The Urban Jungle

Directed by: Ofelia Popii 
Assistant Directors: Alexandru Malaicu, Andrei Gîlcescu
Cast: Ştefania Crina Dumitrașcu, Andreea Stanciu, Radu Costea, Casian Ulici, Cristiana-Alexandra Bândilă, Ana Dinu, Andreea-Elena Gruber, Maria-Cristina Țepeluş, Emilia Ivan, Adrian Nicodin
An almost non-verbal show
or one employing minimal wording
Third year students, Ofelia Popii's class
balances above the pit
with two gallant bipeds
and burly assistants
Mala and Andrei (bless them)
and a stellar helper
Emőke Boldizsar.

Played by 10 talented and clever students
portraying lions, tigers, monkeys
malicious little cats
dogs, hens, dolphins
weary fine horses
made-up animals
(two of each)
ravens, frogs, and a few bipeds
because it's easier to see
the cruelty that surrounds us,
how hard it is sometimes out there.

Loneliness together
starts from the first hand
which immediately helps you
when you sighed "daddy"
and the first felt abandonment
is "the mother" who loved you.
Estimated duration:1h
Premiere Date:03-12-2023