Romeo and Juliet

Text: W. Shakespeare
Directed by: Andriy Zholdak
Co scenography, music, lights, video, script: Andriy Zholdak
Scenography: Daniel Zholdak
Costumes: Yan Zholdak
Assistant director, translator: Valeriu Andriuță
Souffleur, assistant to director: Corina Predescu
Project manager: Claudia Maior
Marketing coordinator: Luminița Bîrsan
Project assistant: Violeta Buduleci
Scenography assistant: Ștefania Dogariu
Cast: Crina Dumitrașcu, Radu Costea, Iustinian Turcu, Andrei Gîlcescu, Ioana Cosma/Gabriela Pîrlițeanu, Horia Fedorca, Alexandru Malaicu, Ștefan Tunsoiu, Antonia Dobocan, Ada Bicfalvi, Emilia Ivan , Gabriel Muncuș, Mihai Mocanu, Ana Toda,Andrada Oltean

The performance contains licentious language and scenes of nudity.
"Romeo and Juliet" is a "feeling", it's the knot in your stomach that signals you've fallen in love, it's the state of weightlessness when "you have to touch your head to make sure it's still there".
The TNRS performance is a journey into the boundless space of love: with no logic or morality, without lamentation and contempt, without boredom, without commentary. Here attraction is the first law of physics. And the force with which the young people accelerate towards each other feels like that of their fall into the abyss. Because where desire arises, so does envy, where light falls, shadows lurk around it. A black wing, a scream, in the middle of a dance floor.
Andriy Zholdak, the author of the performance, took a "classic" and remixed it. The well-known Ukrainian director (re)imagines in the style of a cinematic, non-linear montage, the story of the two star-crossed lovers, by applying a surrealist filter and allowing Shakepseare’s poetic language to shine.
“Romeo and Juliet” is a meteor shower, embodied by the theater’s young team of actors and by the students of the acting department, it is the reference of a way of being, youthfully, beautifully and lively.

"Romeo and Juliet" is a production created within the "LIBERTY" project funded through the Creative Europe Programme. The “Radu Stanca” National Theatre Sibiu takes part in the “LIBERTY” project alongside ArtReach, altonale GmbH, Explora - il Museo dei Bambini di Roma, CESIE, Aalborg Karneval, Center E8, for promoting lifestyles, CNC DANSE - nathalie cornille, Pionirski dom - Center za kulturo mladih, Den Selvejende Institution Swinging Europe, TRAFO Contemporary Art House and European Educational Exchanges – Youth for Understanding.
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Estimated duration:2h 15min
Premiere Date:25-09-2022
Age limit:Performance not recommended to those under the age of 14