The Seagull

By: A.P. Chekhov
Directed by: Dumitru Acriș
Dramaturgy: Angelina Roșca Ichim 
Set design: Alin Gavrilă 
Choreography: Ștefan Lupu 

Arcadina - Ofelia Popii
Treplev - Iustinian Turcu 
Nina - Alexandrina Grecu 
Mașa - Antonia Dobocan 
Trigorin - Ciprian Scurtea 
Sorin - Pali Vecsei 
Dorn - Adrian Matioc 
Polina - Serenela Mureșan 
Medvedenko - Alexandru Malaicu 
Șamraev - Liviu Vlad 
Nina's father - Viorel Rață

Project manager: Claudia Maior
The famous actress Arkadina arrives at the estate with her lover, the great writer Trigorin. All the household members gather to watch the play directed and written by Treplev, Arkadina's son. From this point on, dreams and love stories take shape and unravel: Treplev loves Nina, who dreams of becoming an actress, teacher Medvedenko loves Mașa, who in turn is in love with Treplev. Each is connected to someone else; each one loves someone else.

Forbidden passions come to the surface, unspoken thoughts burst out, people desperately throw themselves into the arms of strangers who could offer them the illusion of happiness.

The audience prepares to witness a performance in which new forms clash with the old. Everyone is alone with their own sense of failure, loneliness, and old age.

Chekhov's "The Seagull" proves to be more relevant than ever. Directed by Dumitru Acriș, the production speaks about the differences in thinking between generations, as well as the backstage of human relationships with all the sincerity, devotion, and pettiness involved.

Called to the stage, the audience experiences a tour de force of acting, an intense, vibrant, almost tactile theatrical experience, of a painful authenticity.
Estimated duration:2h 30min
Premiere Date:18-11-2023