Master Leonida Facing the Reaction... a fantasy starring Efimița

A performance by: Mariana Cămărășan
Asapted from I.L. Caragiale
A show by Mariana Cămărășan

Set Design: Daria Petrașcu, Imago Vitas
Assistant Director: Sanda Anastasof, Amalia Iorgoiu

Ioana Blaga-Frunzescu – Efimița
Viorel Rață – Leonida
Cristina Stoleriu – Safta
With the extraordinary participation of Vlad Robaș

Project Manager: Daria Ciobanu
Great harmony reigns in Master Leonida's house, until... Efimița experiences a surprise that shatters the entire balance. Efimița must quickly find a solution, a revenge plan, or "stir up a revolution" in her own home. We are preparing to witness a radical change, both in marital and social terms. Beyond the walls of the home, the music and bullets of the reactionaries can be heard. The fight for justice is about to begin!

Surprising with tenderness and nostalgia for the scent of a bygone era, but whose political echoes resonate up to the present day, Mariana Cămărășan offers through her performance a "remix" of the marks so specific to the great playwright I.L. Caragiale. In the intimate space of the Habitus Cultural Center, the audience is invited to witness a moment of total disconnection from the noise of society, but also an opportunity to rediscover the stylistic beauty, cynicism, and crushing honesty of one of the most lucid and trenchant voices in Romanian literature.

"We need to laugh at our political passion, because if we didn't laugh, how would we live?

The political passion spins the wheel of the small stories from which big history is born. Caragiale's love for his characters has made them immortal.

There is a tenderness in our inability to solve the great problems of the world we live in, a candor that we allow, especially at a certain age, especially to those of a certain age. We need to see ourselves like this - comical and obstinate, beautiful and slightly disoriented. Fantasy is not at all unfamiliar to us, the wheel turns endlessly, and history only changes its masks, we always end up in the same place, as in a comedy that revolves in circles, and it seems to us that everything changes. We are lucky with our little lives, that we do not cease to seek love within them, that an old song still delights us and a prank still makes us smile. That we see ourselves as we are and we can still laugh a little at that - enough to ease our longing for our loved ones and especially for ourselves in our good, naive, but good times.

Yes, we need to laugh at the passion with which we, ordinary people, love and do politics. But we need dignity above all. And we need theater to give voice to the tumult that bursts into our silences: sometimes happiness, often pain.

Fantasy - with the echo of its music - is still a story like ice cream on a hot summer day or the aroma of mulled wine on a cold evening. What a wonder theater is in the end..." – Mariana Cămărășan, director
Estimated duration:1h
Premiere Date:14-12-2023