HEART OF A CARPENTER: The Story of a Transylvanian Saxon

Written and Directed by: Sarah Brown
Musical direction and performance: Brita Falch Leutert 
Choir conductor: Brita Falch Leutert & Jurg Leutert with the participation of the Bach Choir 
Costumes: Anamaria Sut 
Translation: Cynthia Pinter 
Cast: Daniel Bucher, Johanna Adam, Ali Deac, Fabiola Petri, Daniel Plier, Patrick Imbrescu
The performance was produced in partnership with the Evangelical Cathedral in Sibiu.
Song Credits: 
"Land Beyond the Forest" – lyrics and melody by Sarah Brown, with musical arrangement by Brita Falch-Leutert 
“Tea for Two” – composed by Vincent Youmans & lyrics by Irving Caesar
"There Sat a Small Wild Bird” - anonymous creation, with musical arrangement by Brita Falch Leutert “Rain Dance Song” - conceived for the play and with words by Sarah Brown; composed and arranged for this production by Brita Falch Leutert

Sarah Brown is a playwright, international performer, and a creator of unique and innovative shows that she has directed for theater festivals in Israel, Turkey, and Sibiu, Romania. HEART OF A CARPENTER: The Story of a Transylvanian Saxon premiered at FITS in 2023 at the Evangelical Church of Saint Mary, and the performance A Secret of Joy, about the Jews of 1927 in Sibiu, premiered at the Great Synagogue in Sibiu at FITS 2022. Sarah is also a composer, a three-time recipient of the Fulbright scholarship, and a professor at the University of Memphis, USA.

An adventure-romance about a 14th-century craftsman who transforms the lives of everyone he meets – including his own! Set in the Gothic Evangelical Church of Saint Mary, this emotional story with live music – about lost and found dreams – will make you laugh and cry and transport you to another time!
Estimated duration:1h 30min
Premiere Date:29-06-2023
Translation:Performance presented in German with Romanian translation