(Almost) All Molière's works

Text: Vincent Caire
Directed by: Daniel Plier
Scenography: Alin Gavrilă
German translation: Daniel Plier
Romanian translation: Diana Nechit
Cast: Johanna Adam, Gyan Ros Zimmermann, Daniel Plier
Three actors want to play Molière, but don't know what to choose; "The Imaginary Invalid" or rather "Tartuffe" or maybe a farce, "The Miser" is also wonderful, or "Don Juan"? Hermine, Boniface and Jean-Baptiste solve the problem in an original way and simply play everything in a play which contains at least one line from all 33 of Molière's plays and at the same time tells a single continuous story: an anthology is thus created, a mosaic of the playwright's best scenes; the authoritarian father wants to prevent the lovers' wedding in favour of the schemer, but the clever maid thwarts the plan; a new play, performed in the fast pace of comedy.

A play meant to get the audience to discover and rediscover Moliere's work; newcomers can enjoy discovering perhaps the greatest French playwright, and connoisseurs can enjoy a treasure hunt through his work and try to classify the scenes correctly.
Estimated duration:1h 20min
Premiere Date:21-03-2023
Translation:Performance presented in German with Romanian translation