Text: J. W. Goethe
Directed by: Silviu Purcărete
Translation: Şt. A. Doinaş
Set and Light Design: Helmut Stürmer
Costumes: Lia Manţoc
Original music: Vasile Şirli
Musical arrangement: Doru Apreotesei
Video: Andu Dumitrescu
Assistant scenographer: Daniel Răduţă
Cast: Ofelia Popii, Miklós Bács, Ioana Antal, Andreea Preda, Iunis Minculete, Simona Negrilă, Andrada Oltean, Francesca Pop, Emilia Ivan , Oana Brânzan, Patricia Buraga, Cristian Stanca, Johanna Adam, Ioana Cosma, Veronica Arizancu, Emőke Boldizsár, Diana Fufezan, Ioana Blaga Frunzescu, Raluca Iani, Mariana Mihu – Plier, Serenela Mureşan, Fabiola Petri, Gabriela Pîrlițeanu, Cristina Ragos, Cristina Stoleriu, Dana Taloş, Arina Ioana Trif, Cendana Trifan, Codruţa Vasiu, Mihai Coman, Ali Deac, Alexandru Malaicu, Adrian Matioc, Adrian Neacşu, Cătălin Neghină, Eduard Pătrașcu, Viorel Rață, Vlad Robaș, Ștefan Tunsoiu, Iustinian Turcu, Marius Turdeanu, Pali Vecsei, Liviu Vlad, Andrei Gîlcescu, Horia Fedorca, Yannick Becker, Dorin Pitariu, Lucian Fabro, Călin Filip, Ciprian Oancea, Alex Dini, studenții Departamentului de Artă Teatrală din cadrul ULBS, Câinele Faust

Performance with English subtitles
Faust is more than a theatre performance. Violent, emotional and visceral, Faust invites the audience to a strong individual experience about pain, death and love. A milestone in the history of the Romanian theatre, Faust directed by Silviu Purcărete, distinguishes itself through the artistic vision and the complexity of the roles presented in the baroque construction of the set design, mastered to the smallest, with vivid details: impressive set and light design, elegant and burlesque costumes, entertaining and overwhelming music with appropriate sound effects that add to that eccentric environment, video projections ingeniously framed in the architecture of the whole stage approach, that is monumentally created with the help of over 100 actors, performed in an abandoned industrial hall.

Discover an extrasensory experience placed between Earth and Hell, a scenery amplified by video projections, fireworks, live original rock music, tens of actors and dancers and an original soundtrack created by Vasile Şirli, musical director of Disneyland Paris. The script of this performance catches the essential of Goethe’s text: the pact with the devil, Faust’s sick fascination for Margaret, the Walpurgis Night and Faust’s rise to Heaven.

A project of Radu Stanca National Theatre of Sibiu, supported by the Ministry of Culture, the City Council of Sibiu, the European Commission, Culture 2000 programme and "Democracy through Culture" Foundation, in the frame of the Sibiu - European Capital of Culture 2007 programme.
2008- Uniter award for best actress in a leading role Ofelia Popii- role Mefisto
2010- Ofelia Popii- „Harold Angel” Nominee and Award, at Edinburgh International Festival for Mefisto
2 November 2007, ”National Theatre Festival”, București
4, 5, 6 September 2008, Frankfurt, Germany, ”Goethe Festival”
18, 19, 20, 21, 22 August 2009, Edinburgh, Scotland, ”Edinburgh International Festival”
12–15 October 2011, Bruxelles, Belgium, ”Romanian Autumn in Bruxelles” (Adevărul, Cotidianul.ro)
7, 8 September 2012, Maribor, Slovenia, ”Maribor European Capital of Culture 2012”(Cotidianul, Tribuna )
21 April–1 May 2017, Budapest, Hungary, ”Festivalul Madách International Theatre Meeting – MITEM”(Digi, Mitem, Cotidinaul )
Estimated duration:1h 55min
Premiere Date:19-09-2007
Age limit:Performance not recommended to those under the age of 16