“Manifesto for dialogue” about education inside the family


What does being a minor in Romania mean? Is a school for parents necessary? How big is national vanity, especially when it is always coupled with an easiness in judging the foreigners? These are only few of the questions that the audience will be confronted with through an open dialogue initiated by the young director and playwright Bogdan Georgescu and a group of MA students in Sibiu in theatre halls from seven cities of the country, throughout a tour supported by BRD - Groupe Société Générale during 11-28 November.

The performance #minor was inspired from two cases that the media highly focused on this year – the situation of the Bodnariu family and the Romanian Opera scandal – cases that, although apparently different, bring to a common area certain national faults like passing responsibility or the tendency to believe we are better than others and criticise them without acknowledging our own mistakes. At the end of the representation, a psychologist joins the actors on stage and invites the audience to participate in an open discussion about the performance and other controversial or taboo subjects addressed by the play.

“What does normal mean? What does family mean, as tradition and value, in a country where the number of children abused - inside the family - is over tens of thousands per year? Of all European countries, Romania occupies the last place in terms of capacity to empathize. We don’t know how to put ourselves in another person’s shoes, nobody teaches us how to do this, how to understand and analyse situations from completely different perspectives. A majority cannot establish social rules and moral principles that impinge on the rights and dignity of a minority, whichever it might be. I want to believe there is still time for dialogue, for questioning ourselves and not forcing our points of view, even if, unfortunately, the Romanian society systematically throws away potential chances for emancipation”, Bogdan Georgescu, author and director of #minor, said.

#minor – observational project of active art, coproduction of “Radu Stanca” National Theatre in Sibiu (TNRS) and “Lucian Blaga” University in Sibiu (ULBS) – is the second performance from the platform “Manifesto for dialogue”, following Antisocial, a performance that was promoted last year in a tour supported also by BRD - Groupe Société Générale. The 2015 project initiated a debate about the confusion and tension present in Romanian schools, following up on yet another highly mediatized case: students of a high school in Cluj-Napoca being sanctioned because of posts they made on a secret Facebook group.

“The success received by Antisocial last year confirmed the general interest in the current problems the youth deals with, as well as the young generation’s crave for debate, as they understand that they need to be more active in the public space in order to generate the changes they strive for. This is why we decided to continue our support for this Manifesto for dialogue of Bogdan and “Radu Stanca” National Theatre in Sibiu, and bring the performance #minor closer to spectators all around the country”, Flavia Popa, Secretary General, BRD – Groupe Société Générale, declares.

“When we started the project Manifesto for dialogue with Antisocial, a unique experience in the theatrical and educational environment in Romania, we promised to develop a trilogy involving the young actors of ULBS and TNRS, with the contribution of the two institutions and the generous support of BRD – Groupe Société Générale. #minor, the second part of the trilogy, was programmed, the same as Antisocial, during the Sibiu International Theatre Festival 2016, and starts its journey through the cities of Romania, trying to bring into attention the issue of violence - violence that, in all its forms, darkens the daily life of people all around the world. We try, with the collaboration of psychologists from the cities we perform in, to debate this problem with the audience, after each representation. It is a responsibility that we, as organizers, take upon ourselves, and we truly believe that it will have important results. At the same time, I reassure all spectators that we will continue this project next year also, with the third performance”, Constantin Chiriac, General Director of “Radu Stanca” National Theatre in Sibiu, declares.

The cast is made of master students: Vladimir Petre, Gabriela Pîrlițeanu, Raj - Alexandru Udrea, Maria Soilică, Claudiu Urse, and the production team is completed by Luminița Bîrsan (project manager), Vlad Bacalu (assistant director), Dorin Părău (light design) and Tudor Răileanu (sound).
The tour’s programme includes one representation in each of the following cities:

  • Târgu Mureș – November 11, at 7pm, “Ariel” Theatre for Children and Young People;
  • Pitești – November 13, at 7pm, “Alexandru Davila” Theatre;
  • Ploiești – November 14, at 6:30pm, “Toma Caragiu” Theatre;
  • Râmnicu Vâlcea – November 20, at 7pm, “Anton Pann” Theatre;
  • Sibiu – November 24, at 7pm, “Gong” Theatre for Children and Young People;
  • Cluj-Napoca – November 27, at7pm, Fabrica de Pensule;
  • Craiova – November 28, at 7pm, “Marin Sorescu” National Theatre.


About #minor

The “#minor – Manifesto for dialogue” tour initiates public debates regarding the alarmingly high degree of tolerance towards domestic violence, towards beating as educational instrument and the lack of empathy of the Romanian society in regard to new individual structures of the community and society.

#minor is an active art project that combines devising techniques, observational and documentary theatre, exploring new types of theatricality and dramatic structures.

“The kick of the dam hurts not the colt?”, “Spare the rod and spoil the child?”, “I brought you into this world, I can take you out of it?” Which are the educational methods for raising a young adult in Romania in 2016? Who educates the adults for preparing future adults? #minor is the analysis of a social and political context where passing responsibility and using particular cases for creating platforms of manipulation are purposes in themselves. We are living in a society where finding someone guilty, someone other to accuse is the solution to every problem. The lack of communication, of acknowledging and taking responsibility, they are all aspects that have become mundane. Infantilization, this attitude transformed in mentality, that is applied to most young adults as an educational method, can it build a society that we want to be a part of?

About BRD – Groupe Société Générale

BRD Groupe Société Générale is the second bank in Romania in terms of total assets. It is a universal bank that provides services to both individuals and companies, and it is part of the Société Générale Group, one of the largest European financial services group.
As a social actor, BRD invests in the community through projects and programs focused on cultural, educational and sporting activities, promoting the projects that build, develop, support a new generation and bring long-term, sustainable value. Culture represents an essential pillar in developing the society, and from this point of view, BRD encourages innovative cultural projects that can be recognised and appreciated by the young people. With this vision in mind, Scena9 was created, a brand new platform of cultural journalism that offers on a daily basis tools for navigating the map of the cultural world, and through which projects in theatre, film, contemporary visual art or classical music are constantly supported, thus framing the sphere of cultural involvement of the company.

About the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre in Sibiu

“Radu Stanca” National Theatre is the utmost representative in continuing the tradition of almost five centuries of theatre in Sibiu and in the region, and along with the Sibiu International Theatre Festival, managed to accomplish the unique performance of obtaining the title of European Capital of Culture for Sibiu, in 2007. Located in Sibiu, a city with a strong cultural potential, the institution developed important artistic partnerships with local organizations, both regional and national, and also with universities and associates. “Radu Stanca” National Theatre is a repertory theatre (110 different performances) and it has a resident company of numerous permanent actors, it conducts a school of excellence in dramatic arts and many of its productions have representations on international stages. The Sibiu International Theatre Festival, presenting every year many European artists, but not only, is organised entirely by TNRS, and it contributes to the creation of a real platform for exchanges and communication in Romania and in Europe.

The performances of “Radu Stanca” National Theatre respond to all contemporary challenges and aim to capture the diversity of the performing arts tendencies, starting from tradition, word and image, and building up to musical performances, installations and theatre-dance representations. The productions of the “Radu Stanca” National Theatre were invited to some of the most important festivals in the world, hosted in cities such as Edinburgh, Avignon, Brussels, Rome, Tokyo, Seoul, Sankt Petersburg, Moscow, Napoli, Paris, Merida, Liverpool, London, Budapest, Tampere, Poznan, Warsaw, Koln, Freiburg, Barcelona, Lisbon, Porto, Cairo, Erevan, Tbilisi, Nitra, Athens, Thessaloniki, Belgrade, Varna Pecs, Lille, Tel Aviv and Sarajevo.

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